Three complementary core businesses

From vision to implementation

New economic models
Steering companies and organisations as they adapt to the digital revolution by fostering dialogue between models and experiences

Media and citizenship
Helping media and governments build an open, tolerant and democratic world

Media and influence
Defending organisations' interests with institutional policy-makers

Production, distribution and promotion
Optimising the financing of television and film productions and boosting their circulation on all media and territories

Reinventing vision, revisiting values and redefining strategic positioning

The Ocean 3.0 method
Deciphering the new ecosystems, transforming cultures and innovating on an on-going basis

Transformation of institutions
Assessing public policies and underpinning the transformation of organisations within government institutions

Team coaching
Enhancing workplace satisfaction (Joy for performance)

Resolving collective problems together (co-development)

Individual coaching
Developing a position and boosting effectiveness