Media Desks Survey

Dear Respondents,

Welcome to the questionnaire: Creative Europe – Media subprogramme: first experiences with the implementation of the new programme.
When filling out the questionnaire, please be advised to save the answers externally and copy them into the form when ready.

Thank you for your valuable contributions!

Media Consulting Group Team

Q1a. What were/are the biggest challenges (for the Media desk/overall?) in the transition from the old to the new programme, in particular in the view of integrating Media into Creative Europe structure?
  • How have they been tackled (by Media desk/ the Commission/EACEA)?
  • Which support was offered by the Commission and EACEA?
  • Did you receive enough information from EC and EACEA?
  • What is your overall relationship with EACEA?
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Q1b. Initially, it was foreseen to have a transversal program (Media and Culture), is this currently there?
  • What are your observations on merging Culture and Media desks?
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Q 2. What are the biggest remaining problems under the new programme?
  • Is EC/EACEA generally responsive to your suggestions of improvement?
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Q 3. In relation to collaboration with the Commission and EACEA, which kind of support/information/ do you still lack most?
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Q 4. What works well (better) under the new programme (in comparison to Media 2007)? What are the biggest advantages of the new media schemes (for beneficiaries? For Media desk?)
  • Generally, in what respect the Media programme is new? Please mention the advantages and disadvantages of the changes.
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Q 5 Which new schemes have been so far most and the least beneficial for your respective market?
  • Why?
  • Which administrative demands (requirements) do the beneficiaries (and applicants?) struggle with most?
  • How would you evaluate the overall structure of the Media sub-programme? (well structured, too-structured, other? - please comment)
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Q 6. How would you evaluate the new application process (online in comparison to paper applications, new application forms etc).
  • What are the major issues the applicants face when delivering applications? How efficient are the help-desks in solving these issues?
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Q 7a. Which groups (category? i.e. producers, distributors etc) of applicants have the greatest problems (report the greatest number of issues, please mention the most important issues they face)?
Answer Q7a
  • Q7b. Generally, what is the proportion between satisfied and unsatisfied applicants/beneficiaries?
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  • Q7c. How would you generally describe media desk’s relationship with applicants/beneficiaries? Is it cooperative? What could be improved?
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  • Q7d. Do desks advise stakeholders on financing possibilities within other Creative Europe’s programmes, help to develop partnerships etc?
Answer Q7d
Q8. In several fields, it is now institutions (/companies?) rather than individual applicants applying for funding. What are the experiences with the transition?
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Q9. Which trends do you observe in the projects (in terms of the quality/number per scheme/ etc?)?
  • Does the new programme reach new audiences (industry/ market/both?) in comparison to the old one?
  • Are there any changes in the structure of the applicants/beneficiaries perceptible?
  • What is the balance between different categories of applicants/beneficeries and sectors?
  • How would you evaluate the quality of the selected projects? Any memorable international success stories?
  • Are media desks involved anyhow in the selection process of the evaluating experts?
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Q10. Which suggestions do you have for improvement of:
  • application process/forms etc?
  • co-working with the Commission?
  • other?
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